Medicare Insurance Solutions for Health Systems

An indispensable, strategic partner for your Medicare Patient Strategy

Medicare can seem overwhelming in complexity.

When a healthcare provider offers MedicareOnDemand and a branded Medicare Insurance Helpline, patients have a trusted resource for comparing and enrolling in accepted Medicare plans, and assurance that continuity-of-care is protected.

MedicareCompareUSA is different from other insurance agencies that specialize in Medicare because we put the relationship between doctors and patients at the heart of everything we do. We work side-by-side with providers and health systems, physician groups, and community and retail pharmacies that want deeper patient loyalty, long term growth, and better health outcomes for all.

MedicareOnDemand does much more than help patients compare Medicare plans. We provide an online tailored platform full of resources to help patients navigate Medicare and retain and grow your healthcare relationships. Patients engage on their terms and connect with licensed insurance agents that represent your organization’s accepted Medicare plans and strategic objectives. We’re committed to patient retention by serving their Medicare insurance needs now and over time. Visit: to see for yourself.

Communicating with your Turning 65 Population

Patients need your help to ensure their purchase of a Medicare plan does not impact continuity-of-care

“When we decided to terminate a Medicare Advantage contract affecting 1,700 patients, we turned to MCUSA Communications for assistance. They helped us develop clear, compliant patient communications and provided helpful information to patients through a dedicated Medicare insurance helpline and one-on-one insurance consultations. Thanks to their efforts patients easily compared and enrolled in other plans we accept, creating a seamless transition for patients. We value our relationship and are continuing to work with MCUSA to provide Medicare education to patients turning 65, helping them navigate the plans we accept. They simplify the process of selecting insurance that allows our patients continuity of care with the providers they’ve come to know and trust.”

Director, Managed Care Contracting
Texas Multi Hospital System

Our services

  • MedicareOnDemand
  • The Medicare Insurance Helpline
  • Turning 65 Patient Communications
  • MA Contract Termination Support
  • Medicare Strategy
  • Compliance Audit

Preparing for a Medicare Advantage Termination?

It is critical to provide patients with accurate information and a resource for changing their plan

See our client impact

MCUSA Communications is the nation’s leader in the development and support of Medicare Insurance Helplines for health systems, physician groups, and pharmacies. Each helpline is uniquely designed according to the specifications of our healthcare provider client. View a few of our clients here.

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With more than 125 combined years of experience in the Medicare insurance arena, the MCUSA Communications Team has a proven track record for developing innovative Medicare insurance solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations and the Medicare patients they serve.


Our software is specifically geared to healthcare providers, physician groups, and community and retail pharmacies that support their Medicare population management strategy without bias toward Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage.

  • Single platform for aging into Medicare.
  • Eyes and ears of local consumer purchasing habits.
  • Institutional readiness when changes are made with accepted plans.
  • Compliant CMS communication channel with important patient education.

Medicare Advantage penetration reporting

MCUSA Communications compiles and tracks Medicare Advantage penetration data for each state and county. We provide this data as a courtesy to health systems, physician organizations, and pharmacies.

What can we help your health organization achieve?